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    French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

    While searching the market for a new refrigerator, you may have become distressed by viewing hundreds of various models, and yet still not able to find your perfect refrigerator. This is a common occurrence among consumers searching for a new refrigerator, however, there are several refrigerators that have risen to the top within the industry.


    The Whirlpool Gold 24.8 Cu. Ft. French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Model: GX5FHTXTQ, is not only built by one of the most trusted names in the appliance industry, but it also features some of the greatest cooling technologies. If you are searching for a new refrigerator, but haven't yet found your perfect unit, I would suggest taking a look at this refrigerator.


    Main Product Features:


    The first feature that has been placed within this refrigerator is the overall accessibility this refrigerator offers its users. Unlike standard refrigerators, as well as side-by-side refrigerators, this bottom-freezer refrigerator will allow you the ability to precisely organize your food items as well as easily reach them. If you have a large family, than this is the refrigerator of your dreams.


    One of the coolest features within this refrigerator is the full-width deli drawer. This deli drawer actually stretches the entire width of the fresh foods section of this refrigerator. Because of this, you will be able to store complete party trays as well as all the deli meat you can think of. If you enjoy entertaining, than this is absolutely the refrigerator for you.

    With a total of 17.5 cubic feet of storage in the fresh foods section, this refrigerator allows you more storage options than any other model. Within the freezer section you will be able to enjoy 7.3 cubic feet of storage. There is also an internal water dispenser located within the fresh foods section.


    Whenever you purchase a new refrigerator, it is a good idea to ensure that it comes with a digital temperature management system. You will be able to control the temperatures within the freezer and fresh foods sections through the digital control panel, allowing you to set an extremely accurate temperature.


    There are four SpillProof shelves located within the refrigerator. These shelves have been completely sealed, which will contain any type of liquid spills for easy clean up. Another great reason to have sealed shelves is you are protected from liquids seeping into different parts of your refrigerator, which can be a pain to clean.


    Product Price:

    This refrigerator from Whirlpool demands an average price of $1,700, which is a great deal on a bottom-freezer refrigerator of this quality. Definitely recommend for all consumers!


    Ge Profile 24.9 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator


    When you're looking to upgrade your appliances, you have many choices that you can go with. If you want to explore the more traditional look, there are many appliances that deliver this look and feel, however, if you want to go with the more advanced and high-tech approach, than there is only one type of refrigerator you will want to look at.




    This refrigerator allows you to have easy access to all of your refrigerated goods, and will give your kitchen a sophisticated and stylish appearance. I am talking about the GE Profile 24.9 Cubic Foot Side-by-Side Refrigerator that features a Double Bottom-Mount Freezer, Model: PGSS5PJXSS. This refrigerator is one of the most unique and advanced models available, and once you view all of its features it will be hard for you to turn away.


    What makes this refrigerator so unique is the fact that it features a double bottom mount freezer, which is completely different than most other bottom mount units. You are given massive amounts of room within the freezer, as well as the refrigerator, to store all of your foods. This refrigerator is perfect for those who like to do their grocery shopping in bulk, but don't usually have enough room to store your bulky food items.


    However, with this refrigerator you are given ample amount of room for storage. Another feature that makes this refrigerator so useful is the TurboCool system, which actually keeps the temperature inside of the refrigerator at a constant degree, no matter how many times you open the door. How this works is your refrigerator actually monitors how many times the door is opened, and thus automatically adjusts the temperature to accommodate this.


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